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OUR Commitment to sustainability

Natural Net Zero Carbon Reduction Dairy Products


Starting with our farm, we practice many sustainability initiatives that allow us to produce fresh, natural net zero carbon reduction dairy products with added value to our customers. We prioritize sustainability and our goal is to produce more food and renewable energy to meet demand with the resources we have today without compromising our ability to do so tomorrow. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our farm’s overall health and performance as we view our business as a holistic vertically integrated system.


Sustainability starts at our farm with our animals, crops, and people that allow us to be successful. Practices that meet our sustainability criteria must be productive, enhance the quality and abundance of our natural resources, be renewable, and improve the quality of life for our animals, families, and communities. All practices are animal humane certified and produce high-quality milk.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Practices

We are actively using specific environmental stewardship practices that allow us to manage soil nutrients more efficiently. A renewable energy initiative at the farm includes on-farm methane digesters that produce natural gas which is put into pipeline systems to be used by communities and businesses. We will continue to improve our infrastructure to continue leading the way in sustainable farming as new technology and knowledge become available.

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