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Our Farm Sustainability Initiative

  • Produce fresh, high-quality natural net zero carbon reduction dairy products.

  • Produce more food and naturally renewable resources to meet demand.

  • Improve the quality of life for our animals, families, and communities.

  • View our farm as a holistic vertically integrated system.


OUR Commitment to sustainability

Environmental stewardship in farming.

We use specific environmental stewardship practices allowing us to manage soil nutrients efficiently. A renewable energy initiative includes on-farm methane digesters that produce natural gas which goes into pipeline systems to be used by communities and businesses. We continue to improve our infrastructure, leading the way in sustainable farming as new technologies and knowledge become available.


State of the Art

Old Chatham Creamery was founded in 1993 within the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley as a sheep dairy which produced two products for New York City restaurants and the local area.


Now with over 30 products, a national name, and many awards, Old Chatham Creamery continues to deliver yogurts and cheeses of exceptional taste and quality. We are committed to providing not only a flavorful experience, but a healthy one, too; our products are certified non-GMO and all natural.

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