Old Chatham Creamery

Old Chatham

Old Chatham's signature cheeses celebrate 25 years of history.  

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Hudson Valley Camembert

Our Flagship Bloomy, Hudson Valley Camembert is a unique soft-ripened cheese made from a blend of sheep milk, cow milk, and cream, with a rich creamy buttery texture and mild flavor.  Available in whole wheels, iconic pre-wrapped squares, and wedges.  


Ewe's Blue

An homage to Roquefort, the king of all French blue cheeses.  Made with 100% sheep milk and aged 90 days, Ewe's Blue is complex: rich, tangy, sweet and salty flavor, with fudgy texture that crumbles gorgeously. Available in wheels or wedges.  

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Kinderhook Creek

With a soft and runny texture when mature, and clean, grassy flavor, Kinderhook Creek stands alone in the soft-ripened section of a high-end cheese shop.  Made with 100% sheep milk, Kinderhook Creek is available in large wheels or mini-wheels.


We are proud to reintroduce three celebrated Meadowood sheep milk cheeses.



Ledyard is a pasteurized, soft-ripened sheep milk cheese in the style of Robiola.  Wrapped in grape leaves soaked in Deep Purple, a wheat beer made with Madison County grapes.



Strawbridge is a pasteurized, lactic bloomy-rind sheep milk cheese.  Similar to triple creme, it is decadent, buttery and herbal.  Enjoy with a glass of bubbly!  



Rippleton is a pasteurized, washed-rind sheep milk cheese in the style of Taleggio.  Washed with beer from our friends at Empire Brewing, Rippleton is robust, meaty and built for a pint!