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A Word on Goat's Milk


Old World Origins

Goats, as with sheep, have been milked extensively for thousands of years, and their domestication likely predates those of any bovines. Their hardiness in rough conditions made them perfect as ship livestock through the centuries to provide sailors across the seas with fresh milk and butter. Little did those sailors know they were likely supplementing their terrible diets with the incredibly digestible and gut healthy food that is goat’s milk.


A2 Proteins

All milk protein is actually 30% beta-casein, which gives milk a large amount of its nutritional value. There are two different kinds of beta-caseins: A1 and A2. Researchers believe that A1 protein dominance emerged in European cows as a mutation thousands of years ago, but because of the high milk output of these cows, they were continuously bred and favored over lower milk producing A2 cows. Studies suggest that up to 1 in 4 Americans cannot process A1 milk, and that lactose intolerance is often not an inability to digest lactose, but rather A1 proteins. Not only do A1 proteins cause some people intolerance to milk, they have also been linked to skin irritation and gut inflammation, and subsequently poor digestion. Our goat and sheep milk have no A1 proteins, which lets your gut operate as it should! And not only this, but our sheep and goat yogurts are super packed with probiotics that stabilize and improve overall stomach flora and health. All these things make our sheep and goat milk incredibly digestible and beneficial to the digestive tract.


Let's Get Local

Our proximity to our sheep and goat dairy just minutes away allows us to preserve and capture every element of the fresh nutrition that goat milk has to offer. Never with fillers, non-GMO, 100% A2 proteins, and all natural, we take this raw superfood and turn it into delicious goat cheese for your enjoyment. 

Try Our Goat Products Today!

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