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Fresh taste and digestibility in a cup.

Our smooth and creamy Non-GMO cow milk yogurt is made with digestibility in mind! Our herd naturally produces ONLY A2 cow milk, which may improve overall protein digestibility with combined beneficial probiotics.


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Clean Eating

In addition to billions of beneficial probiotics, our A2 Yogurt contains 10g A2 Protein per serving, is Non-GMO and is made from Grade A cow milk.


Meet our herd.

All cow milk is abundant in a variety of proteins, but we are focusing on one major type called A2 beta-casein which may be easier to digest and may be more beneficial for long-term health. Our A2 cow yogurt is made with 100% A2 (protein) cow milk. Our cows have been selected to naturally produce A2 protein milk.


We are proud of the “clean label” on our yogurt which contains no thickeners, stabilizers, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. Our A2 cow yogurt is naturally creamy and contains billions of probiotics. Enjoy!

OUR Commitment to sustainability

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Environmental stewardship in farming.

We use specific environmental stewardship practices allowing us to manage soil nutrients efficiently. A renewable energy initiative includes on-farm methane digesters that produce natural gas which goes into pipeline systems to be used by communities and businesses. We continue to improve our infrastructure, leading the way in sustainable farming as new technologies and knowledge become available.

Meets National Dairy FARM Animal Care Standards

Farm and Creamery Non-GMO

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Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST

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